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about me and the book

 Hi. My name is C.McDuff. I am a high school student and I want to be a writer. I have recently started working on a novel loosely based on my own high school expeirence. I will be posting the novel here as I work on it and I want to hear your thoughts! Please be honest and truthful. I don't care if it is bad as long as I can learn how to make my novel better. 

The working title of my novel is Double L. 

Plot summary: 
its a novel about a high school senior. She has moved around throughout her entire high school career and it a bit of a loner. She is not unhappy though and is very independent. She tends to be pretty quiet.Then she meets another girl who is the complete opposite of her. ( very wild, partys, loud and out there, friends with everyone, always speaks her mind) and the other girl pulls her out of her shell buts pulls her into her a wild life of partying and drugs.During all this she meets a boy who parties with them but has more addictive behavoir. They are very attracted to each other and they start a relationship but after a crazy night his parents send him to rehab. The girl starts realize that what she is doing is wrong and tries to stop partying but the other girl keeps pulling her back. When the boy returns from rehab he helps her stop partying and get her life back on track. The other girl gets upset and the two girls have a fight and stop being friends. But then on graduation night the party girl saves the quiet girls life and the two make up.

Please enjoy :)