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chapter four

Hi if this your first time on my journal please read this first:  

chapter four

Alcott High School was like everything else in Holliston, not bad but not exceptional. So was my first day. I only saw Lucie once. It was during English class. We had just started talking about the books we would be reading during the semester when the door banged open and Lucie strolled in, looking very fresh for someone who had been up late drinking.

The teacher Mr. Wexler sighed. I expected him to tell her off for interrupting the class but he just motioned for her to take a seat. She sat down in the only empty seat open next a sophomore who was some sort of genius so he got put in senior English. Lucie smiled at him and he smiled back nervously like he wasn’t sure that she was actually smiling at him.
Then she turned around to the front of the class and said “So Mr. Wexler you gonna teach or what?”

Mr. Wexler sighed again. “Well Ms. Tate since you took this class last year you should remember that I would be much happier if you at least pretend to take notes. A pen and paper would be nice.”

Lucie didn’t move but she grinned “Ah Wexler you knew I couldn’t stay away. I just love ya to much.”

“Pen and paper please.”

“Fine” Lucie reached into her bag and extracted a beaten up notebook and pen. Mr. Wexler turned back to the board but I didn’t pay attention. So Lucie had taken this class last year? Why when she was only a junior? And why was she taking it again?

             I wondered about this for the rest of class and almost didn’t notice the bell ring. I hurried to the cafeteria to grab lunch quickly before heading off to a meeting with the head of the math department to fix a scheduling glitch that had me in freshmen math. I noticed as I waited in the cafeteria line that although I spotted a table with several people from last night neither Lucie nor the boy who she had kissed were there.

            I had a senior free last period so I was heading out to my car for my first day of work at the library when I heard yelling behind me. I turned around and saw a boy throwing a punch at another boy. When I looked more closely I saw the boy that was punching was the same boy from the night before. I didn’t want to get involved in any sort of fight so I walked the rest of the way to my car and drove away.

            “And this is where we keep the books on animals. They are organized by the name of the animal. Just the regular one not the scientific one.” Jan, the manager of the library told me. “So that’s pretty much it. Do you understand?”

            I nodded and Jan smiled. “Ok hon since it’s your first day I’m just going to start you out working at the checkout. It’s the easiest job.”

            I spent the two hours scanning books and pressing a button on the computer. It was pretty dull but like Jan said, easy. By the time I got off work at six I was glad to be going home.

            My parents weren’t back from work yet when I got home which is pretty much the norm anywhere we live. My parents are kind of workaholics so I’m pretty used to taking care of myself. But its does get annoying after seventeen years of making dinner for them and cleaning the house and doing all the stuff parents are supposed to do. I know they love work and its fun for them and I’m happy that they found something they love but when they haven’t been clothes shopping with since I was eight (They just leave the money on the table.) It starts to get ridiculous.

            But there was nothing I could do so I grabbed a packet of pasta from the cupboard and dumped it in a pot of water on the stove. Just as I went to sit down at the table to wait for the pasta to cook Moxy nudged my leg. I remembered he hadn’t been walked yet today so I grabbed his leash, put the stove on the lowest setting so the pasta wouldn’t overcook and jogged out the door as Moxy basically dragged me down the street.

“Lucy where the hell have you been?” My mother demanded as I walked through the door. She was standing with her hands on her hips still in her scrubs from work.

            “I was out walking Moxy.” I said confusedly. I had no idea why she sounded so upset.

“You left the stove on. Did you know that?”

“Yes actually I did. I left on a low setting so it wouldn’t boil over.”

“Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? Never leave the house when cooking. Honestly you are seventeen I thought you would have the common sense to know that.”

            I’m not sure why that bugged me so much. Maybe it was because she had insinuated that I was immature. But whatever the reason I found myself yelling.

“You know why I should know that? Because I have been doing the cooking in the house since I was six years old. And don’t you dare say that I’m childish or irresponsible because I basically raised myself all these years so just so you and Dad could have your careers. Sometimes I’m not even sure why you had a kid. You move me around all the time. Do you have any idea how hard it is to always be the new kid? You never think about me you always think about yourselves first.”

            My mother sat there for a second and I could feel an explosion about to happen. She has a very bad temper so when I saw her open her mouth I held up a hand and said calmly.

“I have a lot work to do. I don’t think I have time to make dinner tonight. Why don’t your try doing it yourself for once.” With that I turned and walked out of the room.