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chapter three

Hi if this your first time on my journal please read this first:  

Chaper Three

I spent the next week unpacking boxes, putting stuff away and doing normal boring moving in stuff. You’d think that after all the times we moved we would have it down to an art form but no. We still had the frantic calls to the mover saying that the box of the fancy silverware was missing, only to find it ten minutes after getting off the phone. And there was always a constant stream of “Where did we put….?” Or “What box is the …..in?”

            I also spent some time exploring Holliston. It was a pretty normal looking town. Not huge but not small either. On our third day there I got a job working at the library for after school. It didn’t pay very well but it looked good for colleges so my parents were happy.

I saw some other kids around but I didn’t see Lucie. I couldn’t decide if I liked her or not. She had seemed rude but at the same time I still wanted talk to her again. I started looking for her wherever I went but I didn’t see her until the night before school started.

It was around midnight and I was sitting out on the porch enjoying the summer air and the feel of Moxy (that’s our dog btw) sitting next to me. I dozed off when I was jolted awake by laughing and shouting. I sat up and peered around. In my next door neighbors yard was a group of people. They seemed to have just been walking up the street and had stopped for some reason. After a few more seconds I realized that a girl was lying in the grass and everyone was grouped around her. A few words floated back to me.

“Aww come on babe. This isn’t fair.”

“You better get off the lawn before the sprinklers come on.”

“Dude if Mr. Marston catches us again we’re dead.”

            I could tell by their voices that the speakers were pretty wasted. Suddenly the girl leaped up and ran a few steps until she was separated from the group. She took a swig from a bottle then turned and placed a hand on her hip. I when she turned her face caught the light and I could see it was Lucie. I leaned forward so I could hear better.

“If you want it you better come and get it” She said in a teasing voice. She seemed pretty drunk herself but she didn’t seem like a regular drunken teenage girl. She was in control and she knew it.

            A boy stepped forward and approached her. He was tan with dark hair that was just a bit overgrown. He was big and muscular and about twice the size of the petite Lucie. But when he tried to pull her towards the group she resisted. When he looked down at her she reached up and kissed him. The group cat called and whistled, laughing. The boy kissed her back but when they finally broke away he reached down and threw her over his shoulder. Then laughing with a giggling Lucie over his shoulder, he continued down the street. The rest of the group ran to catch up, their laughter and chatter fading away.


your book

i didnt even know this site existed until i read you posting on yahoo answers.

i read what you have so far, and despite my misgivings about even looking at something from high school, i like it! i have to wonder whats going to happen next, and cant wait to read the next installment.

i'm glad you are choosing something of your own experience since it makes it more believable. im not sure it needs anything right now, the point is to get it written down, and then edit as you need. my problem is actually getting things written down. i have so many ideas im going to have to write pieces as i think of them, then find a way to piece it together since i cant seem to stop thinking.

you are doing an awesome job! good luck!!