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chapter 2

Hi if this your first time on my journal please read this first:  

Chapter 2

When I came downstairs our first morning in the Holliston house and a week before my senior year started, I found my mother sitting in sea of boxes at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of instant coffee and preparing herself for the long hours of unpacking ahead.

“Where’s Dad” I asked, just as I spotted him through the window on his knees in the dirt outside.

My mother glanced out of the window as well before responding with a slight smile.

“He’s out replanting all the sunflowers from the house in Baltimore.” We both watched him for a while then my mother turned towards me.

“We don’t have any food but there’s a grocery store a couple blocks from here. Could you help me clear off this table then run to the store and get us something to eat?”

            The store turned out to be more than a few blocks away but I was to busy listening to a new band I had just discovered on the radio to notice. I spent a good half hour in the grocery store picking up everything from milk to canned spinach. (I’m not sure why we would even want canned spinach but it was on the shopping list so whatever.) I left the store piled down with so many bags I could barely carry them all. I started to feel a bag falling but as I adjusted to grab it another bag fell on the ground.

“Damm” I muttered as apples rolled all over the ground. I put all the other bags down and leaned down to pick the apples when I heard laughing. I looked up and saw a girl leaning against the side of the store smoking. She had big brown slightly bloodshot eyes, messy dyed blonde hair and was dressed in that grungy rocker style that very few people can pull off without looking unwashed and dirty but she managed to do it. In spite of all this or maybe because of it, she was gorgeous.

            After taking this all in I went back to picking up the apples and she kept leaning against the wall, smoking away and watching me. It wasn’t until I got all the apples, except one that had rolled under a car, back in the bag that she spoke.

“Are you new here? I haven’t seen you before” she said walking towards me throwing the cigarette on the ground.

“Umm yea. I just moved. I live a few blocks from here on Prudence Road”

“You going to Alcott High?” I nodded.

“So are you a…..” She paused then smiled in a slightly mocking way before saying “Freshman.”

She knew I wasn’t a freshman because I was driving but I sensed that she was trying to test me. I knew I was on the shorter side but I didn’t really mind it, which is why I laughed and said “Ha-ha no I’m actually I senior. I know I’m small so it’s an easy mistake to make so don’t feel embarrassed.” I said kindly, like I thought she genuinely made a mistake and didn’t want her to feel bad.

It didn’t faze her for a second. She laughed for a good while before holding out her hand and saying “I’m Lucie.”

“Whoa weird. My name is Lucy too…” I called after her. She had already started walking away but she turned around and called

“Well then I guess I’ll see you around Lucy.” She smiled and winked before disappearing around the corner of the building.